Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will my computer die before or after me?

I don't know how I've made it back here, after I don't know how long either. I guessed at my password. Same with my username. I hit both of them first try. Maybe I was enabled to find my way to these words and this space to put them in solely because of this most insistent thing I can't explain- my desire to write without thinking- and don't even want to. I read a poem. Actually only the first like two lines of it. Then I stopped and thought, you are not going to go on reading, are you? The answer I had even before asking the question. I had asked the question, actually, only because I had know that I already had the answer... No, I am not going to finish this poem because it is a page long and I am lazy at reading poems this long especially when I'm not wowed from the get-go. I though, I have seen all I need to see to have benefitted from looking at this poem. This was a boring poem and it reminded me of a lesson I have yet to learn as a writer which is: boring stuff gets published. The only thing you lack that the admonished boring professor/writers don't is confidence in your vision. And practice. Practice practice practice practice practice practice practice!